Lady Tigers Make History: Win First Basketball Sectional Ever For CHS

Crothersville Lady Tigers 2017 Sectional Champions

Crothersville Lady Tigers 2017 Sectional Champions

photo courtesy of Dennis Dunn

The 2016-17 Crothersville Lady Tigers went into the history book Saturday night winning the Class A Basketball Sectional at Orleans— the first ever hardwood sectional championship in the school’s 126-year history.
CHS girls’ teams have been competing in the IHSAA post season tournaments since 1975.
Crothersville defeated West Washington 72-69 in the title game and will face Wood Memorial, winner of the Tecumseh Sectional, in the second game of the Springs Valley Regional at French Lick this Saturday.
The 19-8 Lady Tigers are sporting the school’s most season victories in history besting 17-win seasons twice in the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 seasons.
The local ladies got to the sectional title game with a first round 49-47 OT win over county rival Trinity Lutheran on Tuesday. They cruised past Orleans 54-41 in the semi-final round to set up a re-match with the Lady Senators.
West Washington had defeated Crothersville twice in the regular season—the first in the two teams’ season opener and again on Dec. 15.
Crothersville led the Lady Senators 16-14 at the first stop and 35-27 at the half, 50-45 at the end of the third quarter. WW outscored the Lady Tigers 24-22 in the last stanza to account for the final 3-point margin.
Lady Tiger Katrina Christian led all scorers with 32 points. She got double digit help from Piper Hensley with 14 and Lacey Hall with 11.
Opening up this Saturday’s Regional action will be Vincennes Rivet (an 82-26 winner over Shoals in the Loogootee sectional) taking on South Central who defeated Lanesville 56-40 in the New Washington Sectional. The Lady Tigers’ opponent, Wood Memorial, was a 59-42 victor over North East Dubois. Wood Memorial (24-1) is in Oakland City in Gibson County on the Indiana-Illinois border.
Tickets for the Girls Regional at French Lick will be available at the door. Springs Valley High School is located just south of State Road 56 in French Lick on Larry Bird Blvd.

More Drug Charges Against Crothersville Man

A Crothersville man arrested last September on drug and weapon charges, was arrested again on Monday evening, Jan. 30 on additional drug charges by Crothersville Police.

Gary M. Rutherford

Gary M. Rutherford

Gary M. Rutherford, 47, of West Walnut Street was charged by Crothersville Office Matt Browning with possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia in the latest incident.
Browning reported he was asked by Jackson County Corrections Officer James Woods for assistance during a home visit at the Rutherford residence.
Browning said that when Rutherford answered the door he seemed nervous about the visit. During a routine pat-down by the correction officer a plastic container was found in Rutherford’s shirt pocket.
Woods removed the container and asked Rutherford what was in it. Rutherford replied, “I don’t know.”
Browning said he opened the container and observed two small plastic bags with a powdery substance.
When officer Woods asked Rutherford what the substance was he replied that it was methamphetamine. “But I don’t know how it got into my pocket,” Rutherford told police. “Someone must have put it there with me knowing.”
In a search of Rutherford’s home marijuana was found under a shelf in the kitchen and rolling papers along with some marijuana seeds.
Browning reported that a metal tube with white powdery residue was found on the kitchen counter.
Rutherford was booked into Jackson County Jail at 8:40 p.m. where he is being held on a $2005 bond.
A female visitor at Rutherford’s residence was questioned but not charged with any offenses.

VFW Serving Dinner This Sunday

VFW Post 1083 Crothersville will hold an Open Sunday serving lunch this Sunday, Feb. 12.
On the menu will be Salisbury Steak, chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, sides and desserts.
Serving will begin at noon. The public is invited to join in the monthly fundraiser.
Next Saturday, Feb. 18, Gun Fire Band will play at the Post from 8 p.m. to midnight.


2016 Grassy Fork Annual

2016 Redding Annual Rep

2016 Lib AR

Notice to Bidders

The Board of Commissioners of the Jackson County, Indiana will receive sealed bids up to and including March 6, 2017, at 3:00 p.m. for the following:
The Board of Commissioners is renting the hay fields next to the Jackson County Highway Garage, Brownstown, Indiana.
Bids will be accepted for the mowing and harvesting of hay.  Proof of Insurance is required to be on file in the Office of the Jackson County Auditor before any work is begun.
All bids should be submitted in writing.  Bids must be submitted to the Jackson County Auditor’s Office, 111 S. Main St, Suite 118 Brownstown, IN 47220 on or before March 6, 2017, at 3:00 p.m.
At the hour of 6:00 p.m., local time, on March 7, 2017, the Board of Commissioners will open and read aloud all bids at a public meeting to be held at the Courthouse Annex, 220 East Walnut Street, Brownstown, Indiana 47220.
The Board of Commissioners reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive formalities in the bidding process.
Kathy Hohenstreiter
Jackson County Auditor
2/8, 2/15 hspaxlp

Jackson County Indiana
Beginning 10:00 AM, April 5, 2017 Local Time

Pursuant to the laws of the Indiana General Assembly and by resolution of the Jackson County Commissioners, notice is hereby given that the following described tracts or items of real property are listed for sale for delinquent taxes and / or special assessments.
The minimum sale prices listed below are less than the minimum sale prices when offered in the immediately preceding county tax sale held under Section 5 of IC 6-1.1-24 and include all fees and expenses of the county directly attributable to the Commissioners’ Certificate Sale.  The Jackson County Commissioners will accept bids for the certificates of sale, for the price referred to in IC 6-1.1-24-6.1(a)(3), by public auction on April 5, 2017 at 10:00 AM Courthouse Time at the Jackson County Courthouse.
Pursuant to IC 6-1.1-24-5.1, a business entity that seeks to register to bid in an Indiana Commissioners’ Certificate Sale must provide a certificate of good standing or proof of registration in accordance with IC 5-23 from the Secretary of State to the county treasurer.
A person redeeming each tract or item of real property after the sale of the certificate must pay: (A) the amount of the minimum bid under Section 5 of IC 6-1.1-24 for which the tract or item of real property was last offered for sale; (B) ten percent (10%) of the amount for which the certificate is sold; (C) the attorney’s fees and costs of giving notice under IC 6-1.1-25-4.5; (D) the costs of a title search or of examining and updating the abstract of title for the tract or item of real property; (E) all taxes and special assessments on the tract or item of real property paid by the purchaser after the sale of the certificate plus interest at the rate of ten percent (10%) per annum on the amount of taxes and special assessments paid by the purchaser on the redeemed property; and (F), all costs of sale, advertising costs, and other expenses of the county directly attributable to the sale of the certificate.
If the certificate is sold for an amount more than the minimum bid under Section 5 of IC 6-1.1-24 for which the tract or item of real property was last offered for sale and the property is not redeemed, the owner of record of the tract or item of real property who is divested of ownership at the time the tax deed is issued may have a right to the tax sale surplus.
Indiana law prohibits a person who owes delinquent taxes, special assessments, penalties, interest, or costs directly attributable to a prior tax sale, from purchasing tracts or items of real property at a tax sale. Prior to bidding at a tax sale, each bidder must affirm under the penalties for perjury that he or she does not owe delinquent taxes, special assessments, penalties, interest, costs directly attributable to a prior tax sale, amounts from a final adjudication in favor of a political subdivision in this county, any civil penalties imposed for the violation of a building code or ordinance of this county, or any civil penalties imposed by a health department in this county. Further, each bidder must acknowledge that any successful bid made in violation of the above statement is subject to forfeiture.  In the event of forfeiture, the bid amount shall be applied to the delinquent taxes, special assessments, penalties, interest, costs, judgments, or civil penalties of the ineligible bidder, and a certificate will be issued to the county executive.
The Commissioners specifically reserve the right to withhold from the sale any parcel which has been listed in error, or which otherwise becomes ineligible for sale either prior to the start or during the duration of the auction. The Auditor’s Office does not warrant the accuracy of the key numbers or street addresses published herein and any misstatement in the key number or street address does not invalidate an otherwise valid sale.
Dated:  2/8/2017
Tax Unit     Brownstown Corp
Owner of Record:  Unicell Paper Mills Inc
Sale ID#:  361600014
Property ID#:  36-54-10-401-003.000-002
Brief Legal Description:  PT NE    32.72AC
Property Address:  1220 W Spring St
Minimum Bid:  $200.00
Tax Unit     Seymour City-Jackson
Owner of Record:  Gill Enterprises Llc
Sale ID#:  361600095
Property ID#:  36-66-17-206-066.000-009
Brief Legal Description:  SHIELDS 253–W
Property Address:  602 E 2nd St
Minimum Bid:  $200.00
Owner of Record:  Gill Enterprises Llc
Sale ID#:  361600105
Property ID#:  36-66-17-322-083.000-009
Brief Legal Description:  SHIELDS 25′ S1/2 LOT 3 BLK 51
Property Address:  223 S Vine St
Minimum Bid:  $200.00
Owner of Record:  Gill Enterprises Llc
Sale ID#:  361600115
Property ID#:  36-66-19-101-069.000-009
Brief Legal Description:  BUTLER 5′ S SIDE 1 BUTLER 45′ N SIDE 2
Property Address:  606 S Walnut St
Minimum Bid:  $200.00
Tax Unit     Pershing
Owner of Record:  Jason W Burnside
Sale ID#:  361600170
Property ID#:  36-64-07-303-009.000-011
Brief Legal Description:  7.03-6-4 JONES-FREEPORT PT LOTS 1E & 3E
Property Address:  6000 Block N Union St
Minimum Bid:  $200.00
Tax Unit     Seymour City-Redding
Owner of Record:  Gill Enterprises Llc
Sale ID#:  361600192
Property ID#:  36-66-07-404-015.001-013
Brief Legal Description:  WOODSTOCK LOT 36
Property Address:  101 E 13th St
Minimum Bid:  $200.00
Total Number of Properties:     6
I hereby certify that the above real properties have been offered in one tax sale, have not received a bid for at least the
amount required under I.C. 6-1.1-24-5 and have been identified in a resolution of the Board of Commissioners for Jackson
County, Indiana, to be offered for sale.
Given under my hand and seal on 02/08/2017.
Kathy S. Hohenstreiter
Jackson County Indiana
2/8, 2/15, 2/22    hspaxlp

It’s Made Out Of WHAT?!?!?

Curt-lineby Curt Kovener
Knowledge is power but sometimes things are best left unknown. My ‘Bathroom Book Of Lists’ (and maybe THAT is more information than you want to know) listed how some frequently used foods are processed for human consumption.
Gelatin: Used as a thickener in foods like Jell-O and marshmallows, gelatin is collagen, the protein found in connective tissue. It is not made from horns and hooves, as is often thought. Pig and cattle bones and skin are broken down in hot water or acid and then dried, refined and purified into gelatin. For use as a thickener, gelatin is ground into granules or powder.
Imitation Crabmeat: Found most frequently at Chinese buffets, fake crabmeat is mainly fish, usually Pollock that is cleaned, minced, mixed with starch, salt, a bit of real crabmeat, egg white and flavoring. Then the mixture is ground into a paste, which is pressed into sheets and cooked. To give it that crabby look, the skeets are cut into thin strands and then colored. Then the genuine imitation faux crabmeat is cooked again and vacuum packed for your favorite restaurants to prepare.
Bologna: Supermarket bologna earns its ‘mystery meat’ reputation. The process begins with unused bits of beef, pork, and sometimes poultry. Which bits is the mystery. But the mystery bits get ground up and liquefied into a paste and a blend of secret spices are added. The pasty concoction is extruded into a casing, then boiled or smoked, sliced and packaged for your favorite sandwich or pickling for a masculine meaty treat with beer.
Evaporated and Condensed Milk: To extend the shelf life of milk, it is ‘evaporated’ through pasteurization by putting it in a pressure lower than atmospheric pressure (vacuum) container and then boiled. This vacuum evaporation process concentrates the milk to 30%-40% solids which delays the spoiling. Then it is homogenized to keep the cream from separating and sealed into cans. The difference between evaporated and condensed milk is that the later has lots of sugar added. Which makes it great for holiday candy making…if you can get past the fact that the former fresh milk from a cow may be a year old before you use it.
Jawbreakers: The main ingredient is granulated sugar. It is poured into a round kettle that rotates over heat. The second ingredient— liquid sugar— is added into the rotating heated kettle. It sticks to the granulated sugar and little balls of sweetness begin to form. More liquid sugar is added periodically over then next several days—sometimes up to 100 coats— into the rotating kettle. When the jawbreakers are near full size, color and flavor (such as cinnamon oil) are added. Finally the now hard sugar balls are spun with a foodgrade wax and placed into bags for your candy store or grocery’s shelf.
SPAM: Once short for SPiced hAM, only about 10% of the product is actually ham. The other 90% is pork shoulder, Hormel®, which has made Spam since the 1930’s says it’s short for Shoulder of Pork and hAM. The meat is ground, then dropped below freezing before secret spices are added along with sodium nitrite…a preservative that give the product its pick color. It is mixed in a machine with an airtight seal to keep the amount of water being released low. The uncooked mixture is plopped into cans which are sealed and then the entire can is cooked in hot water.
Over 122 million cans of Spam are sold every year.
After reading all of this, maybe you, like me, will conclude it is appropriate such information be found in a Bathroom Book of Lists.


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