38 Parcels Sell At Delinquent Tax Sale For Over $1 Million

Four Properties, 2 In Crothersville, Fail To Sell

When the delinquent property tax sale list was first advertised in September there were 144 parcels with back taxes owed. By the time Friday’s tax sale began at the courthouse, that list had been pared down to 41 after property owners paid taxes owed prior to the sale.
Those 41 parcels owed a total of $116,584.20; successful bidders paid $1,053,184.88.
“The county is only interested in the taxes owed,” said county auditor Kathy Hohenstreiter. “The amount paid over the taxes owed will go into a surplus tax sale fund.”
She explained that those properties sold on Friday can be redeemed by their owners by paying the taxes plus 10% for the next six months; after that the interest increases to 15%. Upon redemption, the surplus paid by the successful bidder will be returned to that bidder.
Four of the 41 parcels did not sell at Friday morning’s tax sale; two of them in Crothersville,
One is one at 614 E. Bard Street that has been the focus of a cleanup effort by the Town of Crothersville. The property, owned by Paul & Penny Gay had $3,463.77 in taxes owed and failed to get that minimum bid.
A second parcel, a small parking lot on the southwest corner of Howard and Kovener Streets, owned by Grover Stacey also failed to gain the minimum $929.03 minimum bid.
Two other parcels failed to receive the minimum bid: 6668 N. Glendenning St in Freetown owned by Gary W. & Cheryl P. Greathouse failed to get the minimum $2,081.90 bid and the Unicell property on West Spring Street in Brownstown failed to get the minimum $156,466.52 bid for back taxes owed on the 32.7 acres site.
Hohenstreiter said that those properties would be offered for sale during a Commissioners’ Certificate Sale sometime in April 2018. At that sale the minimum bid per parcel is $200.
The following parcels sold at tax sale. Listed is the property owner, address, taxes owed; buyer and amount paid.
Brownstown Township
Raymond A. Reynolds, 210 S. Benton, $918.71; John Disque, $2,000.
Joe M. & June R. Peters, 522 W. Spring St., $9,960.91; SAVVY IN, LLC, $54,000.
Daranee Payattakool, 518 S. Poplar St., $4,269.83; SAVVY IN, LLC, $42,000.
Joe Mark Peters Sr. & June R. Peters, 116 S. Jackson St., 5,603.41; M&M Investments, $54,000.
Carr Township
Lezli A. McKnight, Christopher Williams, 74 acres 5941 S 1250 W, Medora, $3,407.57; Sabre Investments LLC, $106,000.
Mark Allen & Amber Kessner, 6894 S 1100 W, Medora, $2,154.21; M&M Investments, $32,000.
Jennifer George, 3393 S 1125 W, Medora, $478.11; SAVVY IN, LLC, $40,000.
Walter & Patricia Ingram, 16 acres in the 12000 block of W 425 S, Medora, $255.40; David Newkirk, $23,000.
Jesse Mann, 13.9 acres in the 3000 block of S 740, Medora, $771.40; Sabre Investments LLC, $17,000.
Natalie Phillips, 31 Elm St., Medora, $301.46; Dale Ehringer, $2,000.
Michael Wayne Moore, 116 S. Jackson St., Medora, 751.40; M&M Investments, $2,500.
Driftwood Township
Joe M. Peters Sr., .4 of an acre 200 block of S. State Road 135, Vallonia, $162.78; John Disque, $200.
Hamilton Township
Richard Eugene Rose, .08 of an acre 4000 block E SR 258, $146.53; Douglas Bledsoe, $146.53.
Jackson Township
Matthew P. Jackson, 3873 N US 31, $505.03; SAVVY IN, LLC, $4,500.
Grover & Sondra E. Stacey, 4990 N US 31, $37,865.68; M&M Investments, $114,000.
Carl A. & Sherry G. Thompson, 729 E. 5th St., $4,424.60; SAVVY IN, LLC, $44,000.
Joseph F. Laupus, 207 N. Chestnut St., $5,470.10; SAVVY IN, LLC, $22,000.
Joseph F. Laupus, 200 W. 2nd St., $5,470.10; GM Gillenwater, $30,000.
Juan Alberto Lopez Mendez, 221 S. Park St., $2,728.04; M&M Investments, $9,500.
Toby Brewer & Courtney Cooper, 402 W. 8th St., $261.26; Douglas Bledsoe, $4,500.
Owen Township
Tommy Joe Graham & Lisa A. Kirschbaum, 200 S 1250 W, Norman; M&M Investments, $14,000.
Cole C. Cummings, 8705 W 150 N, Medora; $3,600.04; SAVVY IN, LLC, $62,000.
Larry Sluder, 5425 N. Mackey St., Norman, $525.31; Dale Ehringer, $525.31.
Pershing Township
Dean Barger, .2 of an acre in the 7000 block of N 675 W, Freetown, $522.33; Dale Ehringer, $522.33.
Jason W. Burnside, 6712 N. Union St., Freetown, $2,660.69; SAVVY IN, LLC, $16,000.
Redding Township
Thomas W. & Janice L. Hoene, .48 of an acres in the 400 block of Redding Road, Seymour; $2,743.14; SAVVY IN, LLC, $42,000.
Sharon K. Hennsley, 11225 N US 31, $1,544.86; SAVVY IN, LLC, $66,000.
Nicole M. Zanghi, 11669 E 900 N, $628.55; SAVVY IN, LLC, $42,000.
Barbara & Char Ison, 207 E 13th St., $2,102.91; SAVVY IN, LLC, $32,000.
Anita Nalley, 1022 Center St., $3,360.94; Douglas Bledsoe, $6,500.
Vernon Township
Kirby Mosley, 10737 E State Road 250, $2,092.10; M&M Investments, $82,000.
Kirby Mosley, 1.46 acres in the 10000 block of E St Rd 250, $571.26; M&M Investments, $4,500.
Grover & Sondra Stacey, 500 W. Howard St., 3,161.92; M&M Investments, $30,000.
Southern Indiana Home Properties LLC, 302 W. Howard St., $2,171.47; UMB Bank, $7,500.
Travis W. Jones, 304 Mill St., $1,733.17; UMB Bank, $10.000.
Herman Edward & Betty Jean Calloway, .907 of an acres in the 600 block of E. Walnut St., $290.71; Rick Clark, $290.71.
Howard V. & Daisy Womack, 202 E. Howard St., $2,699.22; SAVVY IN, LLC, $34,000.

Fall Property Taxes Due Nov. 13

The Jackson County Treasurer, Roger D. Hurt, reminds taxpayers that the second installment of property tax billings are due Monday, Nov. 13.
“This is slightly later this fall as the Nov. 11 Veterans Day is observed by the county on Friday Nov. 10,” said Hurt. “This is the usual deadline for paying property taxes but since the courthouse is closed that day the deadline is extended to Monday, Nov. 13.
Residents can pay their taxes in one of four methods:
•Payment in person at the Treasurer’s Office in the courthouse in Brownstown from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
But if you want to avoid the sometimes lengthy lines you can opt for one of the following methods, said Hurt.
•Payment by mail delivery with check and payment coupon. Payment is considered on time when postmarked by Nov. 13.
•Payment at The Peoples Bank locations in Brownstown, Crothersville and Seymour or The State Bank Of Medora.
This option for payment must include the payment coupon to be presented at the Bank for proper crediting of the taxpayer’s payment. Payments made at banks must be made before the close of their business on Nov. 13.
•Payment with credit/debit cards on-line at www.jackson-tax.net or the County Web site; www.jacksoncounty.in.gov.
•Payment with credit /debit cards using the automated system. Toll Free 1-888-809-5849.
Both credit/debit options will incur a convenience fee charge, Hurt noted.
•A secure drop box is located at the Sugar Street entrance of courthouse. Payment coupons with your check should be placed here. No cahs payments are accepted in the drop box. Payment is considered on time if received in the drop box by midnight on the deadline date.
If anyone is ever in doubt of the amount that they owe, how to make a payment, where a payment can be processed or questions on the billing schedule, call us at the Jackson County Treasurer’s Office at 812-358-6125 or 812-358-6126 or email questions to treasurer@jacksoncounty.in.gov.
Hurt said that residents with questions about assessments or reassessments should contact the Assessor’s Office at 812-358-6112;
Questions about exemptions or tax rates are handled by the Auditor’s Office at 812-358-6161.

Sauers Lutheran Serving Annual Turkey & Ham Supper Sunday

St. John’s Lutheran Church (Sauers) will be serving their annual turkey & ham supper and Ladies Aid Bazaar this Sunday, Nov. 5, with serving from 4 to 7 p.m.
The traditional sinner is available for a free will offering. Carryouts will be available and the public is cordially invited to enjoy the bountiful meal.
The church is located at 1108 S 460 E west of Dudleytown. For more information call 812-521-2842.

Climatologist: La Niña Could Bring Slightly Cooler Temperatures, Wetter Winter

Depending on the severity of La Niña, most of Indiana could be in store for a slightly cooler and wetter winter, says Petra Zimmermann, who teaches climatology at Ball State and faculty director of the university’s meteorology and climatology laboratory.
La Niña is defined as cooler than normal sea-surface temperatures in the central and eastern tropical Pacific that impact global weather patterns, she said.
Recent readings of the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) and Multivariate ENSO Index (MEI) indicate the Pacific Ocean moving into a La Nina event. A La Niña generally sends the polar front jet stream into a wavier pattern, with dips and valleys called ridges and troughs. This affects tracks of storms and whether or not cold Canadian air plunges toward the equator.
“The response in Indiana should be more muted than in some other parts of the nation,” Zimmermann said. “Generally, one can expect slightly cooler and wetter winter conditions, but again, that depends on the severity of the La Nina. Assuming a mild or moderate La Niña, I predict low-to-medium chances of slightly cooler temperatures, particularly for the northern two-thirds of the state. However, given Indiana’s fickle response to La Niña in the past, there’s a reasonable chance that temperatures could be average or even somewhat above average.”
Slightly above-average precipitation is possible for December through February, she said.
“Should the cooler temperatures pan out, much of this could fall as snow,” Zimmermann said. “The southern half of Indiana will even be more likely to see increased precipitation, though the somewhat warmer conditions farther south might yield more rain or possibly even more ice events.”

CHS Class of ’47 Meets For 70th Anniversary

Members of the Crothersville High School Class of 1947 met Saturday, Oct. 14, for their 70th anniversary with a dinner at Bonanza in Seymour.
The class first met for their 40th anniversary in 1987, and with few exceptions, have been meeting every year since.
Thos attending included Dr. Joe & Caroline Butler, John & Sally Montgomery all of Crothersville; Lawrence & Vera Monroe of Seymour; Ruth Ann Brooks of Delphi.
Unable to attend were classmates Richard Murphy, Jean Hoevener, and Wanda Fleenor.

Scouts Improve Community Spaces

Cub Scouts, leaders, and parents of Cub Scout Pack 522 of Crothersville weeded, mulched, and pruned several trees in Bard Street Park and at Hammacher Hall Saturday, Oct. 14, as a part of their civic responsibility and service to their community.
~photo by Steve Plasse