Three Arrested In Crothersville For Dealing Meth Near School

Three Crothersville residents were incarcerated last Tuesday, Nov. 6, on a variety of drug charges by authorities with the Indiana State Police.
Around 11 a.m. Troopers went to a residence at 107 N. East Street, across from the Crothersville School baseball and softball fields, after receiving a citizen’s complaint of possible drug activity at the residence. Upon arriving at the residence, troopers obtained probable cause and obtained a search warrant from Jackson County Circuit Court.
Law enforcement located approximately 40 grams of methamphetamine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. Numerous other items associated with drug dealing and drug use were located at the scene.
Arrested were
Rose Staley Victorino, 57, of Crothersville was charged with dealing in meth over 28 grams, near school or park, possession of meth over 28 grams near school or park, obstruction of justice, maintaining a common nuisance, dealing marijuana, possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia.

Scott Staley, 46 of Crothersville was charged with dealing in meth over 28 grams, near school or park, possession of meth over 28 grams near school or park, maintaining a common nuisance, dealing marijuana, possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia.

Rodger Wells Robinson, 37 of Crothersville was charged with dealing in meth over 28 grams, near school or park, possession of meth over 28 grams near school or park, visiting a common nuisance.
All three suspects were incarcerated in the Jackson County Jail pending their initial appearances in the Jackson County Circuit Court.

Communities Awarded Over $1.2 Million For Road Paving

The town of Crothersville was awarded $217,480 and Scott County received $1 million to pave roads last week as a part of the state’s ‘Next Level Roads: Community Crossings Initiative.’
Governor Eric J. Holcomb presented ceremonial checks to 283 Indiana cities, towns and counties receiving a combined $100 million in state-matching funds for local road projects.
Crothersville, which earlier this summer completed resurfacing 14 town streets as a part of a $400,000+ Community Cross Roads grant, will mill and re-pave an addition 12 streets as a result of this grant.
Among the streets to be preliminarily considered for milling, repair and resurfacing include:
•Industrial Way from US 31 west to the new extension.
•Howard Street from Bethany Road to Park Ave.
•Main Street Circle
•Pennsylvania Ave. from Walnut Street north to the corporate limits.
•Howard Street from Dismore to Preston.
•Moore Street from US 31 to Preston St.
•Moore Street from Preston east to the corporate limits.
•Main Street from the Railroad to US 31.
•Walnut Street from Kovener St. to Seymour Road.
•Preston Street from Moore to Coleman.
•Coleman from Preston St. to Seymour road.
•Seymour Road from Howard St. to Walnut St.
In Scott County, Highway Superintendent Jill Baker said that 15.91 miles of county roads will be resurfaced with the county’s match to be just over $333,300.
Roads plans to be re-surfaced include:
•Blocher Rd. from Terry to Shea
•Harrod Rd. from Bogardus to Terry
•Cutshall Rd. from Coffee Pot to Slab
•Jimtown Rd. from Lovers Lane to SR 356
•Bridgewater Rd. from Slateford to Double or Nothing
•Underwood Rd. from SR 356 to Radio Tower
•Moon Rd. from SR56 to Weir
•Christie Rd. from US31 to City Limits
•Salem Rd. from County Line to Bloomington Trail
•Leota Rd. from Covered Bridge to Mountain Bottom
“We will advertise for bids in January 2019 with work to be completed by June 30,” said Baker
“Infrastructure plays a vital role in taking Indiana to the Next Level, and that includes everything from our interstates down to the last mile—including our local roads, bridges and sidewalks,” Gov. Holcomb said. “When it comes to building and maintaining our infrastructure, we’re in this together for the benefit of all Hoosiers. I am encouraged by the immediate impact of this program and look forward to hundreds more projects funded by Community Crossings taking shape in the coming months.”
Community Crossings was created by the Indiana General Assembly in 2016. Funds for the program are awarded from the state’s local road and bridge matching grant fund. To qualify for funding, local governments must provide local matching funds, 50 percent for larger communities or 25 percent for smaller communities, from a funding source approved for road and bridge construction.
State law requires annually that 50 percent of the available matching funds be awarded to communities with a population of 50,000 or fewer.

Scott County representatives on hand for the announcement include (left to right) County Commissioner Bob Tobias, County Highway Superintendent Jill Baker, Gov. Eric Holcomb, and county councilwoman Iva Gasaway.


Crothersville representatives on hand for the grant announcement were (left to right) Street Superintendent Mike Deaton, Gov. Eric Holcomb, Town Council President Danieta Foster, and Water Utilities Superintendent Chris Mains.

Scott County Election Results


US Senate
Joe Donnelly (D) 3113
Mike Braun (R) 4241
Lucy M. Brenton (L) 309

Secretary of State
Jim Harper (D) 2,941
Connie Lawson (R) 4,237
Mark W. Rutherford (L) 295

Auditor of State
Joselyn Whitticker (D) 3097
Tera Klutz (R) 4059
John Schick (L) 250

Treasurer of State
John C. Aguilera (D) 3026
Kelly Mitchell (R) 4377

US Representative 6th Dist.
Jeannine Lee Lake (D) 1328
Greg Pence (R) 2,157
Tom Ferkinhoff (L) 56

US Representative 9th Dist.
Liz Watson (D) 1667
Trey Hollingsworth (R) 2379

State Senator Dist 45
John Perkins (D) 2534
Chris Garten (R) 4899
Charles L. Johnson (L) 185

State Representative Dist. 66
Terry Goodin (D) 5219
Mike Bowling (R) 2554

Prosecuting Attorney
Chris A. Owens (D) 5495

County Auditor
Tammy Stout Johnson (D) 5360

County sheriff
Jerry D. Goodin (D) 5178
Rick Julian (R) 1934
Shawn Mayer (I) 720

County Assessor
Diana Cozart (R) 5573

County Commissioner Dist 3
John C. Lizenby (D) 3918
Greg Prince (R) 3832

County Council Dist 1
Donnie Richie (D) 921
Justin Cheatham (R) 574

County Council Dist. 2
Albert “Ab” Watts (D) 1294

County Council Dist. 3
Jim Boswell (D) 1007
Rachael Hardin (R) 1209

County Council Dist. 4
Raymond W. Jones (D) 1025
Chris Albertson (R) 1006

Finley Twp Trustee
Misty Brunner (R) 526

Finley Twp. Board
Shawn Hurt (D) 185
John M. Robbins Jr. (D) 203
Jim Cozart (R) 428

Jennings Twp. Trustee
Virgil Johnson (D) 1002
Robert (Rob) Hickman (I) 712

Jennings Twp Board
Jeremy Arnold (D) 877
Mahala (Haley) Baker (D) 949
Linda Richie Spicer (D) 882
Joe Guarneri (R) 846

Johnson Twp Trustee
Robbie Combs (D) 536

Johnson Twp. Board
Glenda Buckner (D) 328
Lonnie Joe Combs (D) 331
Linda Smith (D) 267

Lexington Twp. Trustee
Danny Basham (D) 736

Lexington Twp. Board
Debra McNeeley Conover (D) 339
Mike Higgins (D) 449
John Kimmick (D) 337
Aaron Bressler (R) 521
Tammy Lowe Caudell (R) 461

Vienna Twp. Trustee
Marsha Miller-Smith (D) 1204
Scott Zellers (R) 2106

Vienna Twp. Board
Rosie Alsup (D) 1342
Mark Hays (D) 1328
Sam H. LaMaster (D) 1031
Doug Corum (R) 1288
Yvonne Dowd (R) 1426

Scott County School District 1
Kathy R. Morris 1087

Ryan Joseph Payne 1165

Scott County School District 2
Andrea Beswick Soloe 2477
Clint James 2245

Jennifer Hutchinson Craig 3091
Jason T. Kendall 1781


Jackson County Election Results

Crothersville Community Schools

District 2

Carly Blevins – 321

Linda Luedeman – 623

District 3

Rebecca Butler – 411

Ralph Hillenburg – 128

Tiffany Reynolds – 452

District 5

James Land – 782


Jackson County Election Results

U.S. Senate

Joe Donnelly (D) – 4,198

Mike Braun (R) – 9,430

Lucy M. Brenton (L) – 785

U.S. Representative — 9th District

Liz Watson (D) – 4,481

Trey Hollingsworth (R) – 9,934

Secretary of State

Connie Lawson (R) – 10,074

Jim Harper (D) – 3,666

Mark W. Rutherford (L) – 497

Auditor of State

Tera Klutz (R) – 9,724

Joselyn Whitticker (D) – 3,847

John Schick (L) – 522

Treasurer of State

Kelly Mitchell (R) – 10,393

John C. Aguilera (D) – 3,655

State Senate, District 43

Clyde A. “Chip” Perfect Jr. (R) – 612

State Senate, District 45

John Perkins (D) – 472

Chris Garten (R) – 1,369

Charles Johnson (L) – 60

State representative, District 65

Chris D. May (R) – 495

Jared Stancombe (D) – 141

State representative, District 69

Steve Schoettmer (D) – 3,605

Jim Lucas (R) – 8,037

State Representative, District 73

Steve Davisson (R) – 1,732

Jackson County Clerk

Kathy Schafstall (D) – 6,049

Melissa Elkins Hayes (R) – 8,369

Jackson County Assessor

Katie Kaufman (R) – 11,950

Jackson County Commissioner, District 3

Matt Reedy (R) – 11,816

Jackson County Council, District 1

Catherine “Cathy” Stuckwisch (D) – 1,165

Michael Davidson (R) – 2,586

Jackson County Council, District 2

Barry Stuckwisch (D) – 1,261

Mark Hackman (R) – 2,823

Jackson County Council, District 3

Mary Voss Burgmeier (D) – 951

Brian H. Thompson (R) – 2,393

Jackson County Council, District 4

Kari Luedeman Storey (R) – 2,660

Jackson County Recorder

Clifford L. Sommers (D) – 4,678

Amanda Cunningham Lowery (R) – 9,766

Jackson County Sheriff

Jeffrey Walters (D) – 5,194

Rick Meyer (R) – 9,407

Jackson Circuit Court judge

Richard W. Poynter (R) – 12,224

Jackson County prosecutor

Jeff Chalfant (R) – 11,826

Township boards


Conner J. Barnette (R) – 1,190

Angela Blann (R) – 1,079

Jack R. Gillespie (R) – 1,220


Mary Ann Ault (D) – 208

Joe K. Campbell (D) – 204

Sharon Ingle (R) – 251

Bradley McCammon (R) – 220

Teresa Brewer (R) – 258


Gary Hackman (D) – 222

John Hartley (R) – 303

Blaine Bonebright (R) – 240

Adilee Spurgeon Phegley (R) – 186

Grassy Fork

Stan D. Darlage (D) – 140

Janette Elliott (R) – 204

Craig L. Klinge (D) – 152


George Mellencamp (D) – 357

Donald Schnitker (R) – 445

Howard Wente (R) – 408


Alicia Colglazier (D) – 1,762

Jessica Carpenter Payne (R) – 3,188

Brett Sciarra (R) – 3,513

Larry K. Sunbury (R) – 3,762

Erin Meadors (L) – 880


Jack E. Gilbert (R) – 360

Justyn Underwood (R) – 285

Steve Ritter (R) – 271


Thomas Ault (D) – 250

Todd Brumfield (R) – 259

Doyle Lyon (R) – 321

Joe McDermid (R) – 269


Patricia L. Hercamp (D) – 599

David “Dave” Merry (D) – 588

Max Noblitt (D) – 586

Sara Cunningham (R) – 1,047

Giles W. Spaulding (R) – 921

Salt Creek

Judy Goforth (D) – 52

Larry Smallwood (D) – 58

Clifford P. Kirts (R) – 58

Toby Laney (R) – 80


Odes Densford (D) – 501

Tyler Goodpaster (R) – 537

Allene Hougland (D) – 379

Roger Teipen (R) – 593


Richard Darlage (D) – 358

Alan J. Pollert (D) – 284

Richard Stuckwisch (D) – 341

Township trustees


Jennifer Saucerman Isaacs (R) – 1,732


George Patrick “Pat” Bahan (D) – 167

Steve Ingle (R) – 306


Charles E. “Chuck” Lowery (R) – 309

Grassy Fork

Parke Hackman (D) – 223


Staci Lambring Eglen – 606


Linda Auleman (R) – 3,646

John Steele Burkhart (D) – 2,151


Frank Fisher (R) – 480


Timothy Edington (D) – 190

Sharon K. Yost (R) – 329


Conrad E. Calmer (D) – 510

Mark Adams (R) – 1,299

Salt Creek

Floyd E. Fisher (R) – 108


E. Scott Kovener (D) – 698


Sharon Reedy (D) – 406

Scottsburg Industrial Site Receives Development Designation

The Office of Community and Rural Affairs joined officials from the Scott County Economic Development Corporation and the City of Scottsburg last Thursday to announce the designation of the Smith Farm – South Main Industrial Park, as Indiana Site Certified Prime.
The 155 acre Smith Farm site is located in the City of Scottsburg and could be used for either warehousing, light manufacturing and/or heavy manufacturing facilities.
The Indiana Site Certified program validates sites that are ready for economic development. The Prime designation equates to a location that is no more than 2.5 miles from a state highway and has completed an archaeological investigation. In addition, the local unit of government, lead economic development organization or regional economic development corporation must own the property or an option must be held with the owner.
“We recognize a lot of dedication and collaboration is utilized in order to earn a site certified designation, especially Prime,” said Jodi Golden, Executive Director of OCRA. “I commend the Scott County Economic Development Corporation and their local partners for working together to make the Smith Farm site ready for development.”
Indiana Site Certified is administered by OCRA in partnership with the state’s Fast Access Site Team, which is comprised of multiple state agencies. These include the Indiana Department of Transportation, Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Department of Natural Resources and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.