9 Properties, 4 In Crothersville, On Delinquent Tax Auction

Nine pieces of property in Jackson County will be sold with a minimum beginning bid of $200 on April 15, according to a public notice ad found in this week’s Crothersville Times.

Properties listed on the sale are a result of property taxes being owed. Each has been offered during the annual delinquent property tax sale but did not receive any bids.

The Jackson County commissioners will offer the property for sale at auction in April with starting bids on each parcel at $200.

Four of the nine properties are located in Crothersville.

The highest profile local property on the tax block is the 2-story brick building at the stoplight, at 121 E. Howard Street. Environmental Awareness Reached Through Helping Hands, is the current owner of the over 100-year-old brick building which was built as an Odd Fellows Lodge. The local lodge, which is no longer in existence here, met upstairs and over the years the lower floor has housed the local library, pharmacy, barbershop and a variety of retail stores.

The property, which is in deteriorating condition, has been a target of the tow of Crothersville’s derelict and unsafe building ordinance.

Other local properties include property owned by Louis & Leah Rusch at 302 W. Walnut St., Ann Sams, .21 of an acre in the 400 block of South Armstrong Street, and Grover Stacey, property at 208 E. Dixon.

Possibly the property which will attract the most attention is a 26.17 acre parcel owned by Unicell Paper Mills of Florida. The property formerly housed the old Kieffer Paper Mill in Brownstown. At the last property tax sale, the parcel with over $67,625 in back taxes owed, received no bids.

In Vallonia in Driftwood Township a half acre parcel owned by Timothy & Cindy M. Gray at 3178 Water Street will be offered.

In Redding Township, two parcels are on the sale. Property owned by Denny Williams at 7374 E 725 N and a one acre parcel owned by GSD Petroleum LLC at 10366 N State Road 11 are on the sale list.

A .4 of an acre parcel owned by PK Real Estate at 611 North Street in Seymour will be offered for sale by the county.

The pubic notice ad is found in the Public Notice Section of this on-line edition.