8-Week’s Income Buys Food for The Whole Year, Farm Bureau Claims

Eating healthy while on a tight budget is within reach for most Americans according to American Farm Bureau Federation, provided you’re willing to invest some time in strategic shopping.
During Farm Bureau’s ‘Food Check Out Week’ coming up Feb. 19-25, farmers and ranchers are focusing on spreading the word about how consumers can stretch their dollars with healthy nutritious food.
The week is proclaimed annually as consumers will have earned enough income by this date to pay for their food for the entire year.
American families spend, on average, less than 10% of their disposable income for food according to the latest USDA data.
“Knowing your food budget, planning balanced meals, making a list and sticking to it are just a few tips we offer consumers”, says Carolyn Shoemaker, ‘Food Check Out’ committee of Jackson County Farm Bureau, Inc.
Fruits and vegetables along with whole grains, low fat dairy products, lean meat, fish, beans, eggs and nuts are an important part of a healthy diet. Buying fresh produce when it’s in season and costs less, while buying frozen fruits and vegetables when they’re not in season, is a smart way to stretch the dollar. Fresh fruit and vegetable prices have remained stable relative to dessert and snack foods such as chips, ice cream and soft drinks.
This is the 14th year ‘Food Check Out Week’ highlights America’s safe, abundant and affordable food supply made possible by America’s farmers and ranchers who are committed to producing healthy food.