728 Births, 392 Deaths In County During 2010

There were 728 births in Jackson County in 2010 and 392 deaths, according to the annual statistics released by the Jackson County Health Department last week.
Births increased by 78 over the 2009 birth totals of 650. Deaths in the county also increased over 2009’s total of 362.
Of the 2010 births there were 379 males and 349 females including five sets of twins.
Of the death totals for 2010, 192 were men and 200 were women.
Cancer was the leading cause of death among Jackson County residents with 83 succumbing to the disease in 2010 up from 77 the previous year. Heart disease was the second leading cause of death with 59 deaths attributed to coronary issues. That is down considerably from 2009’s total of 84.
In 2010, people in the 90’s accounted for 48 deaths; five were over the century mark; eight were under 14 years of age.
There was one homicide in the county in 2010, down from three the prior year. There were five suicides in 2010 up from two the previous year.
The 2010 birth total is second only to 751 births in 2008. The highest death total occurred in 2007 with 409.