27 Properties Sell At Jackson County Tax Sale For Over $734,000

When the Jackson County delinquent property tax sale list was first advertised in September there were 141 parcels with back taxes owed. By the time of the tax sale last Thursday, Oct. 22, began at the courthouse, that list had been pared down to 29 after property owners paid taxes owed prior to the sale.
Those 29 parcels owed a total of $95,138.95 in unpaid property taxes and fees. There were 31 registered bidders with nine successful bidders who paid a total of $734,451.91 for 27 parcels on which $61,330.60 was owed.
“The county is only interested in the taxes owed,” said Jackson County Treasurer Roger Hurt. “The amount paid over the taxes owed will go into a surplus tax sale fund.”
He explained that those properties sold on Thursday can be redeemed by their owners by paying the taxes plus 10% for up to the next six months; after that the interest increases to 15%. Upon redemption, the surplus paid by the successful bidder will be returned to that bidder.
Two properties, one in Brownstown and one in Crothersville, failed to obtain the minimum bid of taxes owed which totaled $33,808.35.
Successful bidders included:
•Town of Crothersville which purchased two properties.
•Terry D. Cockerham of Brownstown who purchased one property.
•Clearleaf Short Alternative Fund LP of Louisville, KY which purchased three properties.
•Savvy IN LLC of Memphis Tennessee which purchased eight properties.
•M&M Investment Group LLC of Cortland, IN which purchased four properties.
•Shammah Investments LLC of Connersville which purchased four properties.
•Ricci D. & Alisa K. Sweazy who purchased one property.
•Clearspring Kingdon Amanda Cooper of Greenwood which purchased three properties.
•Andrew Royalty of Columbus who purchased one property.
The following parcels sold at tax sale. Listed is the property owner, address, taxes owed; buyer and amount paid.
Driftwood Township
DSV SPV1 LLC, 3340 W. Commerce St., Vallonia, $2,555.07; Savvy IN LLC, $21,000.
Jackson Township
Carken Properties contract to James Kincer, 614 W. 8th St., Seymour, $2,049.33; Clearleaf Short Alternative Fund, $100,000.
William Gregory & Michelle Dawn Andrews, 307 N. Lynn St., Seymour, $3,666.52; Clearleaf Short Alternative Fund, $66,000.
Rafael Lopez, 1080 Brittney Blvd., Seymour, $1,334.09; M&M Investment Group, $56,000.
Donna Bensheimer, 415 S. O’Brien St., Seymour, $3,554.37; M&M Investment Group, $44,000.
Eric Childress, 620 Berkshire Dr., Seymour, $1,649.49; Savvy IN LLC, $75,000.
Grover & Sondra Stacey, 122 W. 2nd St., Seymour, $9,269.86; Savvy IN LLC, $52,000.
Robert E. & Donna L. Boling, 322 E. Brown St., Seymour, $2,277.27; Shammah Investments LLC, $18,000.
Owen Township
Jane Vaniman, Beulah M. Sparks, Eva A. Devine, Mary K. Huerta, Marilyn R. Newby, Carolyn S. Short, Rhea Dawn Fowler, Renee D. Kasting, 5 acres in the 5000 block of W 300 N, Brownstown, $174.10; Terry D. Cockerham, $5,500.
Nathan A. Engelking, 5740 N. Broadway, Norman, $2,247.63; Clearspring Kingdom Amanda Cooper, $2,247.63.
Linda J. Charles contract to Jeff & Ann Powell, 3367 N. Sugar St., Norman, $851,27; Clearspring Kingdom Amanda Cooper, $851.27.
Linda J. Charles contract to Jeff & Ann Powell, near 3367 N. Sugar St., Norman, $527.52; Clearspring Kingdom Amanda Cooper, $527.52.
Pershing Township
Nathan Engelking, 6725 W 700 N, containing 4.449 acres, Freetown, $1,677.07; M&M Investment Group, $16,000.
Doyle E. Lucas Jr., 6854 N. Maple St., Freetown, $2,548.11; M&M Investment Group LLC, $7,000.
Dennis Shane Deweese, 7975 N State Road 135 containing 2.3 acres, Freetown; Savvy IN LLC, $28,000.
Kelli Beth Bode, 9293 S State Road 135, Freetown, $2,461.22; Savvy IN LLC, $45,000.
Redding Township
Nicholas J. Sowder, .143 of an acre near 504 E. 13th St., SY, $218.88; Andrew Royalty, $218.88.
Salt Creek Township
Dean E. Barger, 7690 N 675 W, Freetown, $1,053.99; Shammah Investments LLC, $8,500.
Vernon Township
Wendell L. Adams, 403 W. Howard St, Crothersville, $1,079.61; Ricci D. & Alisa K. Sweazy, $1,079.61.
Louis B. & Leah D. Rusch, 202 W. Walnut St., Crothersville, $941.72; Town of Crothersville, $2,000.
Grover Stacey, Lot 6 near 400 Mill Street, Crothersville, $976.06; Town of Crothersville, $2,000.
Jessica D. Clay, 12477 E 600 S, Crothersville, $1,676.21; Cloverleaf Short Alternative Fund, $62,000.
Grover Stacey, 200 N. Armstrong St., Crothersville, $2,272.79; Savvy IN LLC, $24,000.
Grover & Sondra Stacey, 423 S. Armstrong St. containing 3.5 acres, Crothersville, $$10,517.64; Savvy IN LLC, $28,000.
David M. Coombs, 506 S. Park St., Crothersville, $2,784.68; Savvy IN LLC, $5,500
Monte & Wendy Defibaugh, 5353 S 1200 E containing 2 acres, Crothersville, $817.86; Shammah Investments LLC, $62,000.
Grover Stacey, 208 E. Dixon St., Crothersville, $877.35; Shammah Investments LLC, $2,000.