State & Local COVID-19 Statistics

As of Tuesday, April 14, COVID-19 had been detected in all of Indiana’s 92 counties, with 8,527 confirmed cases. That is up from 4,411 for the previous Sunday, April 5. There have been 387 deaths more than doubled the 127 deaths statewide on Sunday, April 5.
There have been 46,017 Hoosiers tested for the virus up from 22,652.
In Jackson County there have been 70 confirmed cases up from 36 cases a week prior. There have been 294 people tested, up from 132 tests performed in the previous week. No deaths have been reported in Jackson County.
In Scott County there have been 17 confirmed cases, up from eight the previous week, 147 tests performed up from 73 the previous Sunday. Two people have died as of April 14, an increase from one the previous week.

Drug Warrant, Theft, Violating Governor’s Coronavirus Order Result In Scott Co. Arrests

On Friday, April 3, Scott County Sheriff Deputies Kenton Makowsky and Charlie Morgan completed an investigation of the alleged sale and use of illegal narcotics, according to Sheriff Jerry Goodin. Their investigation led to a search warrant at a residence at 5215 N. Jack Morgan Road in rural Austin. After completing the search of the property, James Meredith, 34, of Austin was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and maintaining a common nuisance.
On Monday, April 6, Deputy Johnney Coomer was on patrol when he made a traffic stop on Lovers Lane south of Scottsburg. His investigation led to the arrest of the two people in the vehicle for multiple charges.
James Shestko, 34, of Tucson, Arizona, was arrested for theft, criminal trespass, burglary, maintaining a common nuisance, forgery and violation of the governor’s order on not staying at home.
Kadie Spencer, 28, of Charlestown, was arrested for burglary, theft, criminal trespass, possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, visiting a common nuisance, trafficking with an inmate and violation of the governor’s order on not staying at home.
During the course of the investigation Deputy Coomer recovered a stolen shotgun, several stolen BB guns and other variety of other itens which had been reported stolen.
Goodin said four people have been arrested in less than a week for theft related charges.

Please Don’t Tip The Outhouse

by Tressa Ballard

  • – – –
    Tressa Ballard was born and raised in southern Indiana. She’s an Indiana University graduate and works as a professional desk jockey by day. She is best known for writing both humorous and melancholic works of fiction and non-fiction. Her short stories and poems have appeared in various publications throughout her writing career. Tressa currently lives with five dogs, two cats, and one moderately civilized chicken. She often employs a wicked side-eye in public and enjoys skillet cornbread, slot machines, and long walks down a short pier. Part of her appeal is her unapologetic ridiculousness and expert wielding of controlled chaos. Oh, and she has also been described as “anarchy in nice clothes.”
  • – – –
    (No doubt inspired by the Coronavirus and toilet paper hoarding.)
    My father and extended family lived on an Indiana farm that didn’t have indoor plumbing and electricity for over a century. We’ve often sat down and talked at length about their rural upbringing; including everything from the process of rendering lard after a hog was butchered to quilting by the light of a kerosene lantern. And, of course, there have been some lively discussions about outhouse etiquette and how to best avoid frostbite and midnight treks to the privy. Some of the stories I’ve heard many times throughout the years. However, I still occasionally hear one for the first time. So, when my aunt randomly informed me that our family was the first in a 5-mile radius to lay hands on actual toilet paper, I couldn’t sit down with pen and paper fast enough.
    You might be wondering, what did the Ballard outhouse look like? To my understanding, it pretty much resembled a glorified shack that was about the size of a modern-day closet. It was built by my great-grandfather around 1895 when the family moved from the original log cabin to a farm-house, also built by my great-grandfather. The outhouse was located fifty or more feet from the main house and had three holes of varying size cut into its wood bench. Generally, the number of holes inside an outhouse depended on the number of family members, as well as their ages/sizes. Pro tip: never ask The Olds if they ever got a splinter from the seat. They will loudly deny, deny, deny.
    The inside of the Ballard outhouse was never painted or wallpapered. As the years passed and my grandparents started a family of their own on the property, my grandfather would perform any needed repairs to the structure and my grandmother would regularly wash down its interior walls with lye water and dump wood ash down the holes to help keep odors down. And, of course, before the luxury of real deal toilet paper found its way to the farm, the family relied upon pages from old Sears & Roebuck and Montgomery Ward catalogs. On occasion, if times were tough and the catalog pages had all run out, corncobs were the next best thing. Red cobs (from field corn) were plentiful, while white cobs were a bit harder to come by. I was told, in no uncertain terms, one must always use the red cobs first and only then can the white cobs be used. Seriously, ya’ll…I can’t make this stuff up.
    During the warmer months, it was best to show caution when opening the outhouse door. Looking up upon entering was a strongly encouraged as black snakes tended to look for a cool spot to relax in the rafters and above the doorframe. According to my aunt, this was a hard lesson learned as she would have often “sat down first before looking up to see a big old snake all stretched out in the rafters.” To this, my cousin quickly added: “I’d always try look up before entering and down before sitting .” Then there was further discussion about accidentally finding spiders and their webs. In case you might be wondering, I was silently shrieking at the horror of it all at this point in the conversation.
    Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about life in rural America from my family. To a born and bred city girl, much of it seems another world away. I’m always surprised by something or other when hearing about the way things used to be, whether those things were deemed as part of the good old days or not. A last bit of outhouse advice shared with me during the most recent chat with my aunt was to be sure to make use of a chamber pot (a/k/a thunder mug, a/k/a piss pot), during the dead of night or winter months in order to avoid that seemingly ever-growing trek to the privy. And, finally, my aunt asks that if you’re ever bored and in the backwoods, please don’t tip the outhouse as my grandfather and his pals were known to do in their younger years. You read that correctly. I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m apparently 100% naturally inclined to be a troublemaker.

Legal Notices

2020 JC County Tax Rates

Notice is hereby given that the Common Council (the “Council”) for the City of Scottsburg, Indiana (the “City”) will hold a public hearing at 6:30 PM, on April 27th, 2020 in accordance with Indiana Code 5-23-1 et. seq. (the “Act”) and Indiana Code 5-3-1. Pursuant to the Governor’s executive order currently limiting in-person public meetings, the public hearing will be streamed online via at the following web address:
The public hearing will be in regard to the recommendation to award an engineering contract for the design, permitting, and inspection of wastewater improvements and associated infrastructure (the “Project”), in accordance with the Act. Pursuant to the Act, the City requested proposals and qualifications for the design of the Project.
After review and analysis of proposals received, a recommendation has been made to the Council to award the engineering contract to Midwestern Engineers, Inc. (the “Engineer”) of Loogootee, IN.
Copies of the proposals and a written explanation of the basis upon which the recommendation is being made are with the City Council and Mayor and are available for public inspection on the City’s website: or by contacting the City at (812) 752-3169 or via mail at 2 E. McClain Ave., Scottsburg, IN 47170.
The above notice of public hearing is required by Indiana Code 5-23-5-9. The public is invited to comment on any of the matters herein noted from today through 12:00 PM, on April 27th, 2020 at the web address, phone number, or mailing address provided above in this advertisement. The City will make every reasonable effort, while complying with all government orders and recommendations of social distancing and limited gatherings, to allow all taxpayers, residents, or interested parties who appear be given an opportunity to express their views on the recommendation.
Dated this 15th Day of April, 2020.
4/15 hspaxlp

State of Indiana
County of Scott
In the Scott Superior Court
In the Matter of the Name Change of Brandi Nicole Frazier-Bey
Brandi Nicole Frazier-Bey, whose mailing address 692 E. Cutshall Road, Austin, IN 47102 in Scott County, Indiana hereby gives notice that she intends to file a petition in the Scott Superior Court requesting that her name be changed from Brandi Nicole Frazier-Bey to Jerica Nicole Kusi Boateng.
Brandi Nicole Frazier-Bey
Dated: April 1, 2020
Missy Applegate
Clerk, Scott Circuit Court
4/1, 4/8, 4/15 hspaxlp

State of Indiana
County of Scott
In the Scott Superior Court
Case No: 72D01-2003-MI-009
In the Matter of the Name Change of
Dakota Michael Watrous
Dakota Michael Watrous, whose mailing address 635 S. 3rd St., Scottsburg, IN 47170 in Scott County, Indiana hereby gives notice that he has filed a petition in the Scott Superior Court requesting that his name be changed from Dakota Michael Watrous to Dakota Michael Stidham.
Dakota Michael Watrous
Dated: March 16, 2020
Missy Applegate
Clerk, Scott Circuit Court
4/1, 4/8, 4/15 hspaxlp

In The Circuit Court
For Jackson County
State Of Indiana
Cause No.: 36D01-2003-PL-13
Jack Pine Properties, LLC,
Penny S. Scott, Med-1 Solutions, LLC,
Unknown Occupant, All Other
Interested Parties, and The World,
Parcel # 36-66-17-403-184.000-009
Defendants Penny S. Scott, Med-1 Solutions, LLC, Unknown Occupant, All Other Interested Parties, and the World, are hereby notified that a Complaint was filed in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Jackson County, Indiana, seeking to quiet title to certain real property in Jackson County, Indiana, more particularly described as follows, to-wit:
Lot number nine (9) in Block “B” in Highlawn Addition to the City of Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana.
If the named Defendants, or those claiming from, under or through them wish to contest the allegations of the Complaint, they must file an Answer in the above-named Court within thirty (30) days after the last date of service of this Notice by publication.
If they do not file an Answer to the Complaint within thirty (30) days after the third (3rd) publication of this Notice, the above named Court will enter judgment against such Defendants and award the Plaintiff the relief sought.
Melissa J. Hayes
Clerk, Jackson Circuit
Justin E. Endres # 28205-22
Katelyn M. Hines #32828-22
126 West Spring Street
New Albany, IN 47150
(812) 945-2555
4/1, 4/8, 4/15 hspaxlp

State of Indiana
In the Scott Circuit Court
Cause No. 72C01-2003-GU-011
In the matter of the Guardianship of Ava Rayne Martinez
The State of Indiana to the person names as Respondent and any other person(s) who may be concerned:
Pursuant to the Praecipe for Summons by Publication filed by the Petitioners, you are hereby notified that you have been sued in the Scott Circuit Court by the person names as Petitioners. The nature of the suit is a civil action wherein the Petitions Helena Annette Spicer and Kenny Edward Brown, are seeking guardianship over Ave Rayne Martinez.
This Summons by Publication is specifically directed to the Respondent, Juan Andrew Martinez, father, whose whereabouts are unknown. You must answer or otherwise respond to the Petition in writing, by you or your attorney, on or before thirty (30) days from the date that the last Notice of this action is published, and in the event you fail to do so, Judgment by default may be entered against you for the relief demanded by the Petitioners in the Complaint.
If you have a Claim for Relief against the Petitioners arising out of the transaction or occurrence that it the subject of the Petitioners’ claim, you must assert it in your written answer.
The name and address of the attorney representing the Petitioner is John F. Dietrich, 63 West Wardell Street, Scottsburg, IN 47170.
Dated this 23rd day of March, 2020.
Missy Applegate
Scott Circuit Court
John F. Dietrich
Attorney at Law
63 West Wardell St
Scottsburg, IN 47170
Attorney I.D. No: 14224-53
4/8, 4/15, 4/22 hspaxlp

State Of Indiana
County Of Scott
In The Scott Circuit Court
Case No: 72C01-2003-EU-009
In The Matter of The Unsupervised Administration of the Estate Of John E. Leonard, Deceased
Notice is given that Krista J. Leonard was, on April 6, 2020, appointed Administrator of the Estate of John E. Leonard, deceased, who died on January 28, 2020.
All persons who have claims against this estate, whether or not now due, must file the claim in the office of the Clerk of this Court within three (3) months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or within nine (9) months after the decedent’s death, whichever is earlier, or the claims will be forever barred.
Dated: April 6, 2020 in Scottsburg, Indiana
Missy Applegate
Scott Circuit Court
T. Michael Carter


Attorney At Law
37 South First Street
Scottsburg, IN 47170
4/15, 4/22 hspaxlp

Notice is hereby given that on April 8, 2020, there was tendered for filing with the Federal Communications Commission an application for assignment of license of broadcast station WJAA from MIDLAND MEDIA, INC. to SOCIAL BUTTERFLY MEDIA, LLC. WJAA operates on FM channel 242. The sole officer, directors and 10% or greater stockholder of assignor is Robert Becker. The officers, directors and 10% or greater stockholders of assignee are Rebecca and Brent Schepman. A copy of the application and related material is on file for public inspection at
4/15, 4/22, 4/29 hspaxlp


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