2020 Census Has Jobs Available

The US 2020 Census has high-paying positions that need to filled in the coming weeks.
“These are great jobs for which all staff will receive paid training,” said Gary Anthony, recruiting assistant for the 2020 Census.
These jobs offer:
•Pay of at least $18.50 per hour (varies by county), plus pay mileage from your home of $0.575 per mile.
•Flexible work schedules, part- or full-time.
•Weekly pay.
•A sense of pride of public service.
“During these challenging times with so many more people relying on community resources just to get by, collecting an accurate count of local populations is more important than ever,” said Anthony. “The 2020 Census counts will determine the amount of funding federal programs will provide to our communities for the next 10 years.”
Here are just some of what census numbers effect:
Medicaid, Community development grants, School lunch programs, Road and school construction, Indiana’s representation in Congress
To insure everyone in Indiana is counted so that we receive maximum funding we need to recruit more applicants, he said.
For more information or to apply, email gary.w.anthony@2020census.gov