2014 Was A Record Year For Births & Deaths In County

There were a record number of births that occurred in Jackson County in 2014, according to the Jackson County Health Department vital records.

There were 805 births surpassing the previous year’s record by 32 or an increase of 4.2% over 2013’s 773 births.

There were 438 boys and 367 girls born in Jackson County last year. There were 12 sets of twins born. The record for twins being born in Jackson County was 15 in 2004.

While a record number of births took place in 2014, so did a record number of deaths. There were 436 deaths that occurred in the county last year representing an increase of 39 (9.8%) over 2013’s 397. Previously, the highest number of deaths—416—occurred in 2012.

There were 226 women and 210 men who died in the county in 2014. There were 56 deaths with residents over age 90 and 4 centenarians who succumbed in 2014.

Cancer and heart disease continue to be the leading causes of death in the county, according to local health department records. There were 86 deaths as a result of cancer and 75 deaths due to heart disease.

The third leading cause of death was respiratory and pulmonary ailments with 54.

Pneumonia was the cause of 26 deaths and stroke caused 24 deaths.

The county health department statistics go back to 1981.