1st Ripe Tomato*

Patrick Sweazy's 1st Ripe Tomato

Patrick Sweazy’s First Ripe Tomato

Patrick Sweazy of Crothersville is shown with the area’s documented first ripe tomato. Patrick is the son of Rick & Alisa Sweazy. The June 28 ripe reporting date is a bit later than previous years.

This year’s bragging rights will no doubt go into the record books with an asterisk as Times subscriber Carolyn Klinge left a phone message about a week earlier that she had picked the area’s first ripe tomato.

Alas, without photographic proof of ripe on the vine, we will leave it up to the two gardeners and our readers to determine who, indeed, has bragging rights to the community’s first ripe tomato.

~photo by Alisa Sweazy