17 Parcels Sell At Scott Tax Sale For Over $296,000

When the Scott County delinquent property tax sale list was first advertised in August there were 87 parcels with back taxes owed. By the time last Thursday’s tax sale began at the courthouse, that list had been pared down to 38 after property owners paid taxes owed prior to the sale.
Those 38 parcels owed a total of $191,260.28 in unpaid property taxes and fees. There were five successful bidders who paid a total of $296,743.33 for 17 parcels.
Twenty-one properties failed to obtain the minimum bid of taxes owed.
“The county is only interested in the taxes owed,” said Scott County Auditor Tammy Johnson. “The amount paid over the taxes owed will go into a surplus tax sale fund.”
She explained that those properties sold on Thursday can be redeemed by their owners by paying the taxes plus 10% for up to the next six months; after that the interest increases to 15%. Upon redemption, the surplus paid by the successful bidder will be returned to that bidder.
Successful bidders included:
•Savvy IN LLC of Memphis Tennessee which purchased four properties.
•M&M Investment Group LLC of Cortland, IN which purchased seven properties.
•Sabre Investments LLC of Carbondale, IL purchased three properties.
•Dale Ehringer of Norman, IN who purchased two properties.
•Hess & Hess LLC of Indianapolis which purchased one parcel..
The following parcels sold at tax sale. Listed is the property owner, address, taxes owed; buyer and amount paid.
Jennings Township
James & Ollie Tores, 1272 Mann Ave., $1,132.08; Hess & Hess, $1,132.08.
1st National Acceptance company, 888 N. Church St., $2,429.41; SAVVY IN LLC, $5,000.
Danny & Linda Vanover, 404 N. Church St., $2,547.48; SAVVY IN LLC, $5,500.
Berlin Terry and Junior Terry, 605 Church St., 2,044.61; SAVVY IN LLC, $5,000.
Michael W. Terry, Burlin Terry & Jeffrey L. Terry, 960 N. First St., $375.15; Dale Ehringer, $375.15.
Grover Stacey, 2557 N. East St., Scottsburg, $5,327.26; Sabre Investments, $10,000.
Grover & Sondra Stacey, 1.4343 acres behind 6790 Bogardus Road, Austin, $312.26; M&M Investment Group, $1,200.
Grover L. Stacey, 2633 Jeffrey St., Scottsburg, $8,302.76; M&M Investment Group, $28,000.
Roger J. & Katherine Stamper, 1247 Clay St., Austin, $263.31; M&M Investment Group, $14,000.
Johnson Township
Countryside Homes Inc., 2737 E State Road 256 containing 42.66 acres, Austin, $9,803.27; SAVVY IN LLC, $98,000.
Lexington Township
Martin Lee McCrady, 807 N Reid Road, Lexington, $536.10; Dale Ehringer, $536.10.
Russell Harbold, 5187 S. Slate Ford Road, Lexington containing 6.9 acres, $1,932.22; $M&M Investment Group, $6,500.
Vienna Township
Jeannette L. Emanuel, 366 N. Main St., Scottsburg, $1663.90; Sabre Investments, $30,000.
Mandi Rae Montgomery, 30.285 acres, Scottsburg, $639.88; Sabre Investments, $60,000.
Travis W. Jones, 60 E. Davis St., Scottsburg, $1,112.86; M&M Investment Group, $5,500.
Daniel R. Goetzinger, 805 E County Line Road, Underwood containing 3.796 acres, $466.25; M&M Investment Group, $20,000.
Southern Indiana Home Properties LLC, 807 S. First St., Scottsburg, $902.50; M&M Investment Group, $6,000.