168 Properties Up For Tax Sale; 19 In Vernon Township

Jackson County will offer for sale up to 168 parcels of property at a delinquent property tax sale on Oct. 10, according to a public notice found in this issue of the Crothersville Times.

Parcels on which property taxes have not been paid for 18 months can be placed up for sale by the county.

Of the 168 county parcels, 14 are found in Vernon Township and five inside the town limits of Crothersville.

Property owners have the opportunity to pay the delinquent taxes in full and have their property removed from the tax sale in October.

Those that remain with property taxes owed will be sold in an auction type sale with the taxes owed along with delinquent and administrative fees added being the minimum bid.

Successful bidders at the sale will need to pay in cash or certified funds. However, the successful bidders cannot take possession of the property. The property owners are given up to one year to redeem or repay to the successful bidder for the amount of their successful bid. In addition to repaying the taxes, if the property is redeem in the first six month the property owner must also pay 10% over and above the bid amount. In the second six months, the property owner would have to pay 15%.

After one year, if the property is not redeemed, the successful bidder must seek to notify all parties associated with the property to let them know of the bidders intention to seek a tax sale deed to the property.

After all of that is accomplished and the bidder receives a tax sale deed, the bidder can take possession of the property.

For a complete listing of the parcels offered on the tax sale and for details of the sale, see the public notice ad in the Public Notices section of this web eition.