140 Parcels On Delinquent Property Tax Sale List

Jackson County will conduct a sale of properties owing delinquent taxes on Tuesday, Oct. 27, according to a public notice found on Pages 4-5 in this week’s Crothersville Times.

There are 140 parcels on the sale list on which property taxes have not been paid for 18 months, according to County Treasurer Maria Fisher. Property owners have up until the sale day to pay the property tax and have the property removed from the sale list, she said.

There are 26 properties in Crothersville and Vernon Township on the delinquent list.

According to Indiana law, properties with delinquent taxes can be sold at auction to pay the past due taxes. Properties sold at the tax sale can be redeemed by the owner for up to a year after the sale.

For properties redeemed within the first six months, the property owners would pay an additional 10% fee to the tax sale purchasers. Properties redeemed after six months would pay a fee of 15%.