12 Parcels Sell At Scott Tax Sale For Over $205,000

When the Scott County delinquent property tax sale list was first advertised in August there were 80 parcels with back taxes owed. By the time of the tax sale on Oct. 6 began at the courthouse, that list had been pared down to 42 after property owners paid taxes owed prior to the sale.
Those 42 parcels owed a total of $235,798.37 in unpaid property taxes and fees. There were eight registered bidders with four successful bidders who paid a total of $205,429.88 for 12 parcels on which $23,600.48 was owed.
“The county is only interested in the taxes owed,” said Scott County Auditor Tammy Johnson. “The amount paid over the taxes owed will go into a surplus tax sale fund.”
She explained that those properties sold on Tuesday can be redeemed by their owners by paying the taxes plus 10% for up to the next six months; after that the interest increases to 15%. Upon redemption, the surplus paid by the successful bidder will be returned to that bidder.
Thirty properties failed to obtain the minimum bid of taxes owed which totaled $212,197.89.
The Scott County Commissioners can now decide whether to have a Commissioners’ Certificate Sale to sell the 30 properties that failed to receive a minimum bid for taxes owed. Typically, at a certificate sale the minimum beginning bid is $200.
Successful bidders included:
•Savvy IN LLC of Memphis Tennessee which purchased three properties.
•M&M Investment Group LLC of Cortland, IN which purchased four properties.
•Sabre Investments LLC of Carbondale, IL purchased three properties.
•Dale Ehringer of Norman, IN who purchased two properties.
The following parcels sold at tax sale. Listed is the property owner, address, taxes owed; buyer and amount paid.
Finley Township
Chris Carter, 2 acres on S Ray Road, Underwood, $749.08; Dale Ehringer, $1,400.
Jennings Township
Ruford L. Terry, 10.13 acres on East Marshfield Road, Scottsburg, $1,332.35; M&M Investment Group, $18,000.
Ruford L. Terry, 4.5 acres on East Marshfield Road, Scottsburg, $672.42; M&M Investment Group, $8,500.
Ronald F. & Vickie Raichel, 810 English Ave., Austin, $3,628.39; Savvy IN, $21,000.
Kenneth Wayne Davis, 97 Broadway Street, Austin, $2,771.93; Savvy IN, $26,000.
Lexington Township
Hank & Vickie Williams, 2.961 acres on Tank Pond Road, Lexington; $329.88; Dale Ehringer, $329.88.
Russell Earl Harbold, 6.852 acres on South Pine Hill Road, Lexington, $775.48; Sabre Investments, $15,000.
Wilfredo Galvez Bonilla, 5752 S State Road 3 containing 6.28 acres, Lexington, $1,485.08; Sabre Investments, $13,000.
Rita Dismore, 16.435 acres on South Napper Road, Lexington, $493.27; Savvy IN, $26,000.
Vienna Township
Anna R. Furey, 410 West Berna Drive, Scottsburg, $1,700.78; Sabre Investments, $3,200.
Kathy Ann RubiosWillbanks, 320 S. State Road, 3, Scottsburg, $3,791.56; M&M Investment Group, $22,000.
Imperial Marble Inc., 325 West Lake Road, Scottsburg, $5,870.26; M&M Investment Group, $51,000.